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DigiByte is a More Secure, Faster & Forward

Thinking Blockchain Technology

After 6 years of consistent, committed development, rapid community growth, and new use cases, the DigiByte Blockchain has become the world's longest, fastest and most secure UTXO blockchain in existence. 



An Action Packed Adventure Full Of Twists And Turns With Heroes Fighting For Their Galactic Freedom As Lord Ghosryder, A Member Of The Evil Union Known As Supremacy Tries To Take Over The Galaxy.


Tobias The DGB Cat

He's naughty, nice and a

DigiByte maximalist. Meet Tobias the DigByte cat.

You never know what this unpredictable cat is up too.

One thing is for sure. He  never shuts up about that DigiByte!

DGB News 3

Meet Stacey O Maley and Jeff Spencer . Two very charismatic news anchors delivering real DigiByte news with a comical cartoon twist.


DGB Funnies

Do you love comics?  How about short funny comics totally dedicated to DigiByte? Your wish has been granted. Stay up to date with current DGB trends and have a laugh or two.The crypto world can be hard at times.No worries! DGB funnies will always be here to lighten up your day.

Learn Something

Blockchain, crypto keys and hashrates, oh my! Gain an abstract understanding of DigiByte and the blockchain without being a computer scientist. The DigiByte Comics Learn Something section is dedicated on  simplifying this enigmatic tech for you through the power of comics. Explore the tech behind blockchain, become a DigiByte genius and impress your friends. All while being entertained. Learn Something !


Lucein(A Graphic Novel)

Coming 2021

Lucien (A Graphic Novel)

Lucein(A Graphic Novel)